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 Work Being handled by Husband Rodney Dockstader

The History of DTC Concierge

Founded in 2014, DTC Concierge was conceived with an empathic nature that people sometimes need help with the most basic things in life.

 After being diagnosed with a broken back, and with multiple surgeries, Stacy and Rodney quickly realized that finding assistance with the most basic needs, such as housework and laundry, would provide many challenges when recuperating.  

Currently, Stacy and her husband Rodney (Rodney most of the time) dedicates her time and resources to helping others in need. Allow DTC Concierge to take the “TO DO” out of today!

I understand what my clients face with no time to complete their own

“TO-DO" list.  

People who have crossed our path in both professional and personal life, we have done our best to assist them with getting tasks done.  The feeling of knowing that we took one or two items off their list was both emotionally and physically pleasing.   The desire to give back to those that need it has become our driving force to take the leap and create DTC Concierge. 

We believe that the client comes first and that without the client you have nothing.  You have to give back to the world to have balance in your life with WORK–LEISURE-REST.  This encompasses family, friends, Faith, laughing and eating healthy with time to enjoy each component.

DTC Concierge has a strict ethical standard of professionalism, dedicated to protecting the interest of the clients.  DTC Concierge is committed to our customers needs.  Planning, Decorating, Senior Companion Care, Post-Op Help around the house.  Helping after a surgery with light housekeeping and chores that are now hard for you to physically manage on your own.