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“If you don’t see the service you’re looking for, ask us.”

Business and Administrative Support


All-In-One Errand and Notary Service Provider


Hourly Rate $25.00

Special situations and mileage are on a case by case discusion

Company benefit program offers $20.00 an hour if more then 10 employee’s use service.

Have you ever wanted to have a service for your employee’s so that they are focused on work and not outside the office distractions?


Our service was created from this very need.  After working in at a 7-4 position daily, other things had to have my attention while in the office.  Wouldn’t be a pleasure to know your staff is focused at the office. 


​If teaming up with a business partner that understands the needs of the owner and the staff to get things done. Give DTC Concierge a call to team up with a service that can help your business supply your staff with an answer to handle outside the office distractions?  Call (727) 888-1311 for specialized needs and requirement’s. ​

If you don’t see what you need assistance with please contact us. 

  • Errand Running
  • Grocery Delivery to employees at the end of the work day to your office or home.
  • Notary Services 
  • Courier Services (document pickup and delivery).
  • Permit Filing
  • Administrate Staff Support (filing, Voicemail, Data Entry, Word Processing, Collections and Billing).
  • Internet Research
  • Corporate and Personal Travel Arrangements
  • Coordinate Team Building Events
  • Hone Checks if traveling away from home. 
  • Restocking Break Room
  • Office Supply Shopping
  • Benefit Packages for your employees (call for quote)