Give yourself more time to do what you love.


Is your personal time worth $20.00 an hour?  

NO, it is worth much-much more then $20.00 an hour

$20.00 an our to run your errands. 

For most people, running errands is a time-consuming task that is need to do bore.  If you have ever spent time waiting in line at the post office to ship Christmas presents, or taken time out of work to wait at home for the new couch to arrive, you come to realize that these tasks are not a productive use of your valuable time. 

The benefits of our errand running services are:

  • We take less time to run your errand. With experience in this field, your personal assistant can run your errand when there is less congestion.
  • We make it personal. We are the same people who handle your errand requests each and every time, so you never worry about meeting a new face at the door.  
  • We use our time and our own gas to run your errands. 
  • By leaving the legwork to us, you save time, money, and frustration.
  • We enjoy what we do! By doing something we love, we can make sure you don’t have to do something you don’t!

In addition to all the excellent services we provide, you can trust that every errand we handle will be done exactly as you would expect – on time and with a smile.  How does it all work? 

Call and speak directly with us today at 727-888-1311.

  • Trips to the Bank or Post Office
  • Deliver Bill Payments
  • Make Reservations and Appointments
  • Dry Cleaning Drop Off
  • Prescription Pickup and Drop-off
  • Copies/Faxing/Filing, General Administration
  • Pet Taxi-Take your pet to Vet/Groomer and Walks.
  • Prescription Pick Up
  • Pick up Prepaid Merchandise
  • Pick Up Forgotten Items.. e.g. Homework, Keys
  • Personal, Holiday, Gift and Special Occasions Shopping
  • Charity Drop Off
  • ​Grocery Shopping and we will clip the coupons. 
  • Flower Ordering 
  • Flower Ordering and Delivery if Local
  • Gift Wrapping Special Occasion Shopping
  • Car Maintenance
  • DMV
  • If you have an idea, we can meet your request! 

All-In-One Errand and Notary Service Provider

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